Invest in cryptocurrency
without buying it!
Platform for operations with derivatives for cryptocurrency
How it works in app
The main screen contains information and the list of cryptocurrencies with their parameters in front of each cryptocurrency. Here users may also select a bet currency from the pop-up list and specify the term, for which they wish to make forecast. After that, they choose the strategy (rise or devaluation) by clicking on the corresponding button through to the screen with bet parameters.
On Screen 2, the users enter the following parameters: the currency of the bet (by checking the box), the amount of the bet (manually) and clicks “place a bet” button.
“My account” section contains information about the user’s login and email with the possibility to change or restore the password in the settings. This section also displays the history of the user’s open and closed bets.
The “instruction” section contains a description how to use the service in the text format without active buttons and links.
How it works
Bitcoin price today 1 BTC = X ₽
Bitcoin price tomorrow1 BTC = (X+30%) ₽
What does the user do?
Places a bet on a Bitcoin
value rise over 24 hours.
bet amount
+30% bet amount
As a result, in 24 hours
with a growth in Bitcoin
of 30% the client gets back
(BET AMOUNT + 29%),
commission 1%.
What does FC platform make?
The bet amount
is received
by the platform.
Due to the difference
in the rate within
24 hours we gain
(BET AMOUNT + 30%).
Of which we repay
(BET AMOUNT + 29 %),
with a 1% commission.
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Cryptocurrency derivatives
During this year, we plan to introduce the following cryptocurrency derivatives:

This derivative is one of the most common instruments in the financial market, which assumes only cash payments between the participants in the amount of the difference between the futures contract price and the actual asset price at the contractual settlement date without physical delivery of the basic asset. It is normally used for protection from basic asset price risks or for gambling in futures.

This is one of the most popular financial instruments. It represents a contract, under which the buyer of the option (potential buyer or potential seller of a cryptocurrency) receives a right, but not an obligation, to buy or sell this currency at a pre-agreed price at a certain moment in the future pecified by the contract or during a certain period of time.

In this case, the seller of the option has an obligation to accordingly sell the asset to or buy it from the option buyer under the option’s conditions. Options and futures are very similar financial instruments, but they have some fundamental differences. When dealing with a future, the buyer must purchase (or sell) the asset at the expiration of the contract term or pay the difference in price, whereas with an option, the buyer can refuse to do it.

NDF is a contract, under which the parties have mutual financial obligations in the amount that depends on the basic asset price (in our case, on the cryptocurrency price) at the time of fulfillment of obligations, in the manner and during the period or within the period stipulated by the contract.
This is also one of the widely used instruments in the financial and currency markets. A swap is a derivative in which two counterparties exchange their cryptocurrencies, but the conclusion of a transaction in the currency purchase (sale) presupposes the conclusion of a counter transaction, a transaction in resale (repurchase) of the same currency after a certain period of time on the same or different terms.
The projected potential volume derivatives
market for cryptocurrencies
trillion $
The volume of open positions on the global derivatives market*
trillion $
Actual value of all contracts on the market*
trillion $
Trading volume on the cryptocurrency market in March 2018**
trillion $
The market of production tools for cryptocurrencies***

*According to the information of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

** According to the information at ***Forecast

Token sale

For the purposes of initial fund raising, special FC tokens will be issued and privately sold before they enter the exchanges.

Total of 1,000,000,000 FC tokens will be issued, 63% of which are planned to be privately sold, and 2% – distributed under Bounty program. With the help of the private sale of tokens, we plan to attract 250 BTC, that is the price of 1 FC token at the initial floatation will be calculated as follows:

FC=250 BTC / 630 000 000 tokens FC=0.0000004 BTC

The remaining 35% will be distributed among advisors and the project team members and invested in the platform development.

We decided not to make a public sale of tokens, but to make a closed sale of tokens.
Token name Token type Sale starts Sale ends Soft cap Hard cap BOUNTY
FC ERC20 March 5th, 2018
at 10:00:00
April 15th, 2018
at 11:59:59
150 BTC 250 BTC Yes
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Rinat Arslanov
He supervises product strategy and external communications for the FuturesCoin project.
Ilshat Mukhametzyanov
Field of responsibility:
all current operational project processess.
Nikita Shpilkov
CIO Chief innovation officer
Field of responsibility:
creating and structuring the product line.
Ivan Shamaev
Chef Operation Officer
Field of responsibility: contacts with partners and investors, managing internal operational processes.
Vadim Vasenkin
ICO Technical Director
Field of responsibility: analysis of financial markets, manages the technical unit of project implementation.
Marina Semka
Chef of Support Department
Coordinator, works with third party project contractors, is responsible for the social aspects of the project.
Platform developers
We have clear expertise, an efficient product design and development methodology.
We focus on the project’s business objectives, as we’re looking for the best solutions with the help of cutting edge technology. We think of the user and the way they are going to use our products.
Product development is a priority for us, and we make decisions based on the data of the product use, not simply on the desire to «add more cool featers».
We are product experts, not just software developers.
Description of completed projects:
FuturesCoin roadmap
Primary token
Closed token
Withdrawal of tokens
to currency exchange markets
Beta-version of
desktop platform
Mobile application
Bets accepted in FTC
(token’s currency)
Desktop version
of the product
Automation of placing
orders and flexible options
The derivatives product line will be implemented in parallel with the general technical improvements of the platform,
including development of the client side of the user interface and its software and hardware.